We provide legal support through our stand in lawyer  and stand out lawyer services to businesses and law firms seeking a flexible, affordable and reliable resourcing solution.

Obelisk is a visionary and successful way of outsourcing legal work.

Obelisk started with a focus on the legal sector and set out to be a legal business with a heart that puts the happiness of its employees and collaborators at the forefront of their work.

It is a radical departure from practices in the legal world because it does not focus on costs alone, but rather on how skilled talent can offer great value to clients whilst remaining engaged with the workplace in a truly flexible fashion.

Ethical, professional, passionate, competent. Happy.

We’ve torn down all the barriers laid in front of professionals who want to work around other commitments - such as their families.

The Obelisk way is to get lawyers to work  around other commitments such as family - not full-time, nor part-time. Just great quality work by professionals as passionate about sharing their skills as they are working flexibly.




We are really proud of the business we created.
Our relationships are built around the 7 principles:


I had the idea in 2010 to found Obelisk around an isolated professional talent pool. Being a mother to a young daughter I’ve noticed that none of the other alternative providers in the legal sector could guarantee lawyers full flexibility, reward and continuous professional development. I set out to build a unique and pioneering business that could provide lawyers an alternative to the full-time/part-time job.

Dana denis-smith  CEO